Perfect translations with the Legal and Economic Lexicon

The translation of your Dutch text into English or German must be accurate and not lead to any interpretation problems. Every subtlety in the language must come across clearly. In the Legal and Economic Lexicon you will quickly and easily find the perfect translation for the term you are looking for, without being led astray by a translation that vaguely approaches the meaning of source word but is not entirely accurate. For example, the ‘Wet verbetering poortwachter’ is not the ‘Gatekeeper Improvement Act’ but the ‘Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act’ and ‘aanmerkelijk belang’ is not ‘erhebliches Interesse’ but ‘wesentliche Beteiligung’.

Compose your text fast and accurately

With the Legal and Economic Lexicon at hand, compose your own text in English or German fast and accurately. Besides the terminology used in the legal profession, the Lexicon contains political, financial and economic terms you will need in translations of transactions and all kinds of business communications.

Find what you are looking for

Under the heading ‘Hoofdtermen’, look up individual words (‘zaak’) or combinations of nouns (‘categorie A-zaak’, ‘zaak- en bedrijfsschade’), official bodies, titles of laws, etc. Use the heading ‘Voorbeeldzinnen’ to look up regular combinations with the main terms (‘civiele zaak’, ‘zaak aanhangig maken’, ‘zaak verdagen’). Then click on the main term and the translation of the combination will appear in blue.

Available versions

The online version is up to date and available 24/7 via the internet.