Up-to-date and reliable dictionaries

Looking for the perfect translation of a particular term? Then look no further than the Legal and Economic Lexicon and the Property Lexicon. The compilers have already researched all the various alternatives for you and come up with exactly the translation you need. The Lexicons are continually and meticulously updated.

The Legal and Economic Lexicon

This comprehensive specialist dictionary is regarded as the translation standard and is used widely by influential organizations and professional bodies. The courts, law firms, universities and colleges of further education as well as translation training programmes all use it as a standard reference work. Numerous example sentences make it even easier to choose the right term. Often you will even find a ready-made translation of a sentence you are working on.

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The Property Lexicon

This wide-ranging standard reference work is used by contractors, government officials, architects, estate agents, civil-law notaries, valuers, property developers and professional translators. You will be astonished at the range of topics covered in the Lexicon.

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In the unlikely event that you can’t find the word you are looking for, the compilers are on hand to answer your query. During office hours you will usually receive an answer within 30 minutes.