The Property Lexicon

The Property Lexicon is absolutely indispensable for:

  • accurately translating texts relating to property in the broadest sense, from Dutch to English and vice versa.

Up to date

Terms are continually being added to the Property Lexicon in response to questions from users and the words they have looked up. Think, for example, of technical terms, the names of materials and tools, and frequently occurring word combinations such as 'in aanbouw nemen'. 

Wide-ranging and comprehensive

The Property Lexicon contains translations of terminology from the property sector, but also related fields such as architecture, soil science, civil engineering, economics, estate agency, marketing, environmental sciences, planning, law, valuations, insurance and relevant laws. 


The appendices contain the NVM Erecode / NVM Code of Practice, definitions of floor areas and value definitions with their translations, and a classified list of relevant websites and glossaries.


The online version is up to date and available 24/7 on the internet.

The main advantages of the Property Lexicon online

  • always up to date: new words and example phrases and sentences are being added all the time
  • available everywhere: via internet, wherever and whenever you want. No installation required
  • wide-ranging and comprehensive: terminology covering property and related areas
  • detailed:  53,974 entries and 31,119 example sentences
  • a variety of search options: such as searching in ‘Alle termen’ and English-Dutch
  • service: ask the compilers straight away about a term you cannot find
  • extra: appendix listing links of interest


View the demo and judge the contents and search options for yourself or order direct.